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Acting is a lie but you tell your brain it’s true: Manav Kaul

Acting is a lie but you tell your brain it’s true: Manav KaulMumbai, Jan 11 (IANS) Manav Kaul is being talked about for his portrayal of a multi-layered characterisation in the OTT-released film Nail Polish. He says he did not expect his performance to create such an impact.

In the courtroom drama, Manav essays contrasting personalities as Veer Singh, Ranjit and a woman named Charu Raina.

“I think the energy of both the characters were very different. So, when it comes to Charu, my body language was very tender, because that was the essence of Charu. I remember how, everyone who was present on the set, from our makeup artist, light and every other technician would leave me alone. After every scene that we shot, I would feel how the energy changed around me,” Kaul told IANS.

Acting with Manav Kaul gave me goosebumps: Arjun Rampal

“Never did I imagine the impact and overwhelming response I got for ‘Nail Polish’. I did not think of it when I was playing the character,” he added.

Considering the character was so intense, was there any hangover of the performance that Manav carried home, once shooting was over?

“Yes, and that is natural because I never played such a character in any film ever. I really do not have any process to get out of that hangover. See, acting is a lie but you tell your brain all this is true. You convince your mind. So, there is a reaction that happens in mind I guess, even when you are done shooting, it cannot be just switched off like that. The character leaves you gradually,” shared the actor.

Nail Polish also features Arjun Rampal, Anand Tiwari, Rajit Kapur, and Madhoo among and is directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna. The film streams on Zee5.

(Arundhuti Banerjee can be contacted at [email protected])

Source: IANS

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