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Dia Mirza shares her COVID-19 concerns as a UN missionary

Dia Mirza shares her COVID-19 concerns as a UN missionaryMumbai, April 4 (IANS) Actress-producer Dia Mirza has expressed concern over the COVID-19 outbreak. Along with several other celebrities and entrepreneurs who are advocates and alumni of United Nations (UN) Secretary-General”s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), she hopes that aid reaches the remotest corners of the world.

In a statement issued on April 3, Dia, and other SDG advocates like Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba Group), have said that they stand in solidarity with those affected.

The statement calls for urgent global action to protect and support vulnerable countries in “Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America, and small islands states”. The statement urges that “leaders, policymakers, and the international community, in particular the G20 and G7, must act quickly and decisively to mobilise the resources needed to stop the spread of COVID-19 in these areas, while also scaling up healthcare support and strengthening social safety nets, including responses to rising levels of domestic violence”.

Elaborating, Dia said that standing up to COVID-19 requires a facilitated global movement with respect to financial and other aid.

“Covid-19 a zoonoses virus doesn”t regard geographical boundaries. It is a message from nature. A wake up call for all to work together to protect, secure, restore ecological balance. Because our health is determined by the health of the environment. This is the time for solidarity, unity, humanity to act together to combat and recover from the loss and inequalities caused by this war against a virus,” said Dia.

“It is also the time for people to collectively acknowledge that in order to achieve the sustainable development goals we must stop destruction of natural habitats and stop all illegal wildlife trade. And most importantly appreciate that there must be a global ceasefire as we fight this war against a virus,” she added.

The “Kaafir” actress further said that “International, national and local response to the COVID 19 scare must be structured with a focal point to make healthcare accessible to all people, especially those living on the fringes of society, marginalised by economic inequality. Each of us can do our bit by staying home, staying safe and by recognising how fortunate we are that we can, while many struggle to gain access to essentials and the basics to sustain health and life”.


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