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Didn’t put myself in a dark zone for role in dark thriller: Saurabh Saraswat

Didn’t put myself in a dark zone for role in dark thriller: Saurabh SaraswatMumbai, July 25 (IANS) Saurabh Saraswat feels working with dark content does not mean an actor has to mentally put himself in a dark zone.

Saurabh realised this while working on his latest web series “Mafia”.

“It was a dark thriller, but I didn’t put myself into any sort of dark zone. I am a trained actor and so I used my craft to create my character Ritwik. I feel it’s important to have a craft, otherwise there are chances of dwelling into your character’s life, which in turn can affect your life,” he said.

“The only challenge was the language. Being a non-Bengali, I had to learn Bangla but honestly, the director made things really easy for me when he constantly encouraged me to focus on the performance and use English wherever I was having difficulty with the dialogues. Otherwise, it was a joyful journey to portray Ritwik,” said the actor.

“Mafia” is about six college buddies who reunite for a bachelorette party that turns into a game of whodunnit as the past returns to haunt them.


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