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Didn’t start producing to make movies for me to star in: Anushka

Didn't start producing to make movies for me to star in: Anushka Mumbai, June 11 (IANS) Anushka Sharma says her decision to turn producer at the age of 25 came from her position as a star, which she could leverage to produce innovative and disruptive content for women in Bollywood. She adds that she did not start bankrolling films in order to star in them.

“My decision to turn producer was because I wanted to leverage the position which I had, to produce good films. I did not start producing to make movies for me to star in”, Anushka claimed, adding that she just “wanted to tell good stories”.

“I would be sitting and talking to writers, discussing things with them and I would wonder why a certain type of films where not being written,” she said.

We have done something that was truly inspiring: Anushka

“I realised that it was not very common for great roles to be constantly written for women in our industry,” she added.

Anushka wanted to “take this step and create roles for actors who would fit right for the project”.

“The vision was always to say stories which we believed were unconventional and unique,” she declared.

The actress”s most recent production venture is the web series “Paatal Lok”, which has been very well received. She shared that her parents, Ajay and Ashima, have also loved the web-series.

“My parents have seen ”Paatal Lok”, they have liked it and then they are very happy and proud like how any parents would be of their children”s accomplishment and appreciation they are getting for it,” she said.


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