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How Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh felt shooting in post-Covid era

How Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh felt shooting in post-Covid eraMumbai, Oct 30 (IANS): Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh are excited about the new season of their web series, Please Find Attached. They shared their experience of shooting in the post Covid era and how they were initially sceptical about adjusting to the new normal.

“We had to postpone shooting because of the pandemic. Eventually, we started from September 17. It felt like a new era, with everyone around us wearing PPE kits, no smiling faces around. All of us are tested before we stepped into the set, every crew member was maintaining distance and only us, actors, removed masks just before the shot! It was so different. I was a little sceptical for the first two days, but then I got into the groove of it,” said Ayush.

“Everything was not only sanitised regularly but also with UV ray sanitising. We really felt like a team where we all were concerned about each other’s health because we knew that if anyone person gets the virus, our work would be stopped and there would be a different kind of tension,” added Barkha.


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Tomorrow Please Find Attached season 2 releases ! I can’t be more thankful firstly for the fact that I got to act immediately after the lockdown ended ! There was something to look forward to ! Secondly my very very very good friend, brother, top human, Directed me @nayana_shyam !! I don’t think anyone understands me and directs me the way you do ! We have been dreaming of this day since we did our first ever filtercopy video ! That we have to achieve greatness in long format ! And to be able to do something together after 3 years is magical ! I will not forget this series for the rest of my life for this, also something with one of my very good friend just adds cherry to the cake @barkhasingh0308 ! I’m eternally greatful to @dicemediaindia @aditi_no_filter @ashwinsuresh @anipandita for making it happen ! Everyone on this project has been top notch ! I felt like home ! Thank you so much for all the love @venkatravichander @ajinkya_pandit @chaitanya_puranik @shwetaputhran @nimishakanade @taskeen_c @the_lipstick_gypsy @unimpressdypus @joanesca @pulkitkochar @vrindutva.101 #bundle (sound dada) #gaurav #sristi #anish for a lovely time ! I will not forget this ❤️ May be meet again soon with all the love in our hearts towards each other always 🙏 praying for the best !!!

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The show is directed by Nayana Shyam and written by Kaviraj Singh, Sehaj Maini and Ajay Kumar. It is about an office romance of a millennial couple, Shaurya and Sanya, who work and live together.

“It is going to be bigger, exciting and surely much better than the first season,” Barkha said.

The show released on all social media platforms including YouTube on Friday.

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