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I am a father before being an actor: Arpit Ranka

I am a father before being an actor: Arpit RankaMumbai, March 22 (IANS) Actor Arpit Ranka, who is part of the show Brahmarakshas 2, has a five-year-old son. He makes sure to balance his career and family life.

The actor says that he makes sure to talk to his son all through the day, even when he is busy is shooting.

“Like every father and son, I share a very special bond with my son, Arnidh. He is in the habit of talking to me continuously and, hence, when I am shooting, I make sure to speak to him every two hours. He doesn’t usually sleep in the night until he speaks to me, hence when we shoot overtime or night shifts, I ensure that I get to wish him goodnight before he sleeps,” he says.

He adds that this gets tough when he is shooting outside Mumbai. “While I always spend quality time with him when I am shooting in Mumbai, it becomes slightly difficult to take out time when I am shooting outside Mumbai for my south films. Even then I still try to video call him whenever I can and be in touch with him. At times it is tough to balance the personal and professional roles but that way I am clear about the fact that I am a father before being an actor,” he says.


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It seems like the little one is also a big fan of his dad’s work on television. “My son loves to imitate all my characters and is very keen on knowing what happens on the shoot. He doesn’t really understand if I’m playing a negative or a positive character, for him, I am playing the best character,” he says.

In fact, he has even accompanied Arpit on shoots. “Earlier on, I used to take him on shoots with me before COVID-19 came and he used to have a lot of fun on set. I remember when I was shooting for a climax scene and the hero was hitting me, Arnidh started crying and asked my co-actor, ‘Why are you hitting my papa?’ That was a really sweet moment, and I will never forget that. As a father, I have been as transparent as I can with my son on an actor’s life because I feel it is going to help him make an informed decision about being an actor too,” says the actor.

Source: IANS

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