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I am a learner and that’s why I’ve survived: Deepshika Nagpal

I am a learner and that’s why I’ve survived: Deepshika NagpalMumbai, Feb 25 (IANS) Deepshika Nagpal has been around for over her 25 years in the entertainment industry now, working in films, television shows and web series. She says the key to survival is learning.

“I did TV when TV was looked down upon and was new. Back then, you’d get into acting if you could not do well in your studies. That has changed. Now with everyone wanting to be an actor, it is a profession and industry, with people actually trained in the craft. I think I have seen everything from TV, daily soaps, and now web series. When I work with young actors, I get to learn so much. I am a learner and that’s why I am surviving in the industry,” Deepshika tells IANS.

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Her characters on television have particularly garnered appreciation.

“When I joined the industry, TV was not only about daily soaps. I have seen the time when serials meant weekly soaps. Beautiful subjects happened. However, TV is more mature now and it’s exploring different stories which would not have been possible earlier,” she says.

Currently, Deepshika is seen in the show “Ranju Ki Betiyaan” on an OTT platform where she plays the character Lalita, a romantic and glamorous woman.

Source: IANS

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