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I love doing light-hearted shows: Bhavin Bhanushali

I love doing light-hearted shows: Bhavin BhanushaliMumbai, Dec 22 (IANS) Bhavin Bhanushali, who plays the lead in the web series Who’s Your Daddy season2, says he loves to play comedy roles.

“In the web space, most shows are intense, serious and dialogues are filled with gaali (expletive). I as an audience like watching shows that offer me laughter,” Bhavin told IANS, adding: “The new season is funnier because my character Shoosha makes people confused, leading to situational comedy.”

Bhavin says he is different from his character. “I am smarter than Shoosha, I think. For example, on my birthday a situation may occurs when two of my best friends are present and the question is who gets the first bite of the cake after I cut it because the one who gets it first, is the best friend. So there comes the, ‘main tera bhai nahin hoon?’ situation. I cut the cake, I only eat the first bite and tell everyone with a smile, thank you, and serve yourself! But Shoosha usually gets stuck in such a situation, so Shoosha and I are quite opposite in nature,” he said.

Currently, the actor is also busy shooting two music videos and according to him, home entertainment and music videos have lately been fast-growing opportunities, especially over the lockdown months.

“Like all budding actors even I initially thought that becoming part of films is what would make me an actor. We have grown up watching cinema that inspired us to become actors. But over the past few months, we clearly saw how it is all about the good script and these days mostly the good work is happening in the digital space. Even music videos are shot like films. We are regaining audience there,” Bhavin signed off.

Who’s Your Daddy also featuring Mamik Singh, Sameeksha Sud, Anushka Sharma, and Vidya Malavade, and streams on ALT Balaji.

Source: IANS

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