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Image of an actor does not hold much importance now: Avinash Mukherjee

Image of an actor does not hold much importance now: Avinash MukherjeeMUMBAI, JULY 23: Avinash Mukherjee thinks the image of an actor does not hold much importance now.

“I believe versatility is really important as an actor. It’s always good to try new roles and characters. I don’t think there’s much importance to an actor’s image now. It might have been a thing in the eighties and the nineties. Today it’s all about your own brand. I think people will accept me in whatever role I play as long as my acting is convincing and impactful, and it takes the audience on an emotional journey,” said the “Balika Vadhu” fame actor.

Avinash is seen as Rudra in the newly launched digital project “Ratri Ke Yatri”. While he has mostly played sweet and romantic roles, in this project he is seen as an angry young man.

“I really loved playing this character. This is a very different avatar compared to my previous roles. My preparation for this was very simple, using an actor’s magic words: what if? What if I was in this situation? How would I react? Putting myself in Rudra’s shoes really helped me get into the zone. During the shoot, I tried my best to live through those moments. I also read through Rudra’s character thoroughly to make sure I understood the nuances well. The whole shoot was fun,” he said.

Speaking about his co-star Barkha Sengupta, Avinash said: “Barkha is an amazing actress. When you’re doing such performance-driven scenes, you need a good co-actor to perform with. Someone who can understand the intensity of the scenes. She challenged me throughout the shoot and helped me grow a lot between the scenes. It was an amazing experience working with her.”

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