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In ’90s, joining films was discouraged: Achint Kaur

#MeToo being misused in film industry feels Achint KaurBy Arundhuti Banerjee (IANS) Actress Achint Kaur recalls how, back in the nineties when she started out as an actress, people would discourage youngsters from joining the glamour industry.

“When I entered the entertainment industry, I was already married and had a kid who was two. Since I was offered a role, and I never tried to get into the business of entertainment, things were not planned. I told my family, and they were under the impression that everything was wrong with the glamour industry, so there was no encouragement. Nobody looked at it as just another profession. Even the idea of me, getting into the glamour and entertainment industry was ‘wrong’,” says Achint, who returns in the web series “Hey Prabhu! 2”.

“I was asked why was I doing this because my life was set, I was married, had a child, what else did I need? Honestly, in my initial days I was actually very under-confident because of that,” she added.

She feels, the tides have turned now.

“Gradually things have changed. When I started working I realised it’s not like what we think from outside. If you carry yourself in a certain way, be serious about your work, people will accept the way you are. Before I joined the industry, people would tell me, there is something ‘wrong’ in joining the film industry, why it is ‘wrong’ was never explained,” she said.

“Today, when my son comes to me and shares a lot of things on what is happening in his life, I listen to him without being judgmental as a parent. Living in an urban pocket, it is natural. But that did not always happen with people who were in other cities and small towns. So, everything depends on social conditioning, upbringing and mind-set,” mentioned the actress.

Achint’s new show “Hey Prabhu! 2” stars Rajat Barmecha and also features Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Sonyaa Ayodhya, Pryanca Talukdar, Rituraj Singh, Dev Dutt, Raj Bhansali, Neha Panda, Parul Gulati. The show streams on MX Player.

(Arundhuti Banerjee can be contacted at [email protected])

Source: IANS

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