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Lockdown had a great influence on my creativity, says Honey Singh

Lockdown had a great influence on my creativity, says Honey SinghMumbai, June 10 (IANS) Yo Yo Honey Singh says the lockdown experience has had a great influence on his creativity. He adds that he has worked on a lot of songs during this period, which he will release soon.

“I feel in this current scenario, away from the hustle and bustle of life, we have become more creative. Main acha time spend kar raha hoon apne studios mein (I am spending a good amount of time in my studios), and so is my team in their respective studios,” Honey Singh said.

“I”m working on a lot of songs in this lockdown period and will release these soon. I”m also thinking of releasing an album this summer. Kaafi gaane ban gaye hain (a lot of songs are ready),” he added.


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The rapper, whose recent hits include “Loca” and “Moscow mashooka”, is planning a lot of collaborations.

“In terms of Bollywood, I will feature in a song, ”I”m in love with you”, in an upcoming movie. The shoot of the song has been delayed due to the lockdown, but we will hopefully resume soon,” he revealed.

Looking back at his journey, he said: “I never planned my career to begin with. I started rapping for a few Punjabi songs at the start of my career, that time my name was printed as Honey Singh only. It was when I came up with the song ”Brown rang”, I decided to add ”Yo Yo” before my name.”

The singer, who started out as a rather slim-and-fit person, had returned to the public eye after a hiatus last year with the track “Makhna”, where he looked obviously obese. He even took potshots at his weight through witty lyrics in the song.

On the other hand, he recalls making his popular song “Dheere dheere se” during the worst phase of his life. “It”s been five years since the song ”Dheere dheere se” was released, I had composed the song in the worst phase of my health. I had recorded the entire song on my phone,” he said during a Helo live session.


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