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Low level music happens as we think we can commercialise a song: Neeraj Shridhar

Low level music happens as we think we can commercialise a song: Neeraj ShridharMumbai, Jan 16 (IANS): Neeraj Shridhar, who has given multiple indie pop and Bollywood hits, besides remixes, says that when he remixed songs it was to revive the beauty of the old songs.

“Music that is happening today is a mixture of good and bad. This is not true that good music doesn’t exist. It is still available and everyone is appreciating it. Low level music is also available in the market because we think we can commercialise a song and make a remix version of an old song, and it will do well and that is the best method for success,” Neeraj told IANS.

He added: “In 1999 when I came out with Kya surat hai and later did albums like Woh Chali, Hawa Me Udati Jaaye, and Chhod Do Aanchal, they were also remixes, but when I made them I was thinking something good. At that time everyone thought that old music was trash and not worth anything. Everyone was moving towards English songs. I made an attempt to change their point of view and I think I was quite successful.

The musician has composed a new song, Rangbaz saiyaan. The song is sung by Priya Mallick and the music video stars actor Manpreet Kaur Kalie.

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