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Navjot Gulati: Comedy filmmakers are never taken seriously

Navjot Gulati: Comedy filmmakers are never taken seriouslyMumbai, Feb 1 (IANS) Writer-director Navjot Gulati is gearing up for a new web series “Happily Ever After”. He says storytellers like him, who tend to make films and shows that explore the comedy genre, are never taken seriously by people in the business.

“I think, in general, filmmakers who make comedy content, are not taken as seriously as those who make content that is toxic, has elements of violence and intensity. When it comes to the web entertainment space, such things happen because OTT platforms are for individual viewing as opposed to television, which is for a family viewing audience. So whenever someone is creating happy, easy-to-watch and lighthearted content, he is taken as lightly as his content. Perhaps that has been happening to me as well,” Navjot told IANS

According to Navjot, he was initially planning another story with actor Naveen Kasturia, but the latter would eventually play the protagonist of his new show, “Happily Ever After”.

The show also features Harshita Gaur, Shivankit Parihar, Shabnam Vadhera, Shruti Das, Gurpreet Saini and Rajiv Khanna.

“Naveen is a fine talent, who has not been explored as much as he deserves. I wanted to work with him. When I went to the Zoom Studious content head with my story idea, they suggested me a story and asked if I want to direct it. I twisted the script a bit and they were okay with it. It is a kind of experiment in storytelling that I have done in the show. Hopefully, the audience will like it. Because, the onus of the show is on me!” mentioned Navjot, who recently directed the film “Jay Mummy Di”.

The eight-episode web series “Happily Ever After” starts streaming on the YouTube channel of Zoom Studios from February 1.


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