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‘Naxal’ cast, crew undergone major rejig due to Covid19: Rajeev Khandewal

'Naxal' cast, crew undergone major rejig due to Covid19: Rajeev KhandewalMumbai, June 19 (IANS) Rajeev Khandewal is looking forward to the shoot of the remaining portions of the upcoming web show “Naxal”, once the lockdown is over.

“The cast and crew (of the show) has undergone a major rejig because of the whole Covid thing. But eventually we have all very capable people on board. I am looking forward to working with Aamir (Ali), Satyadeep (Mishra), Tina (Dutta) and others as my co-actors,” he said.

Rajeev also shared how he has been utilising the lockdown time to rehearse his character.

“I have never had the opportunity of working with any of them (his co-stars), so it makes it even more exciting. We have had table readings for the show, and I have used this time away from set, to work on my character. I hope it is a treat for my fans because they have never seen me in a role like this. My character, of an STF agent, should surprise the audience because it has many shades — from humour and action to a lot of emotion,” Rajeev added.

Directed by Kunal Kohli, “Naxal” will stream on Zee5.


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