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‘Naxalbari’ highlights perspectives of both sides, says Rajeev Khandelwal

'Naxalbari' highlights perspectives of both sides, says Rajeev KhandelwalBy Arundhuti Banerjee, (IANS): The lead actors of the upcoming web series Naxalbari — Rajeev Khandelwal and Amir Ali — said the story of the show offers a balanced view from both sides of the spectrum on the Naxal movement, and that the show could start a healthy public debate.

“This is one of the shows, rather, one of the stories, which attempts to bring the voice of both sides of the spectrum and that is important. I think after the release of the show ‘Naxalbari’ people might just start a new conversation on the matter, and that could be a great impact. In the show, on one side we talk about the importance of business and industrial development. but on the other side we are also trying to understand what these Naxals want, where is the core of the Naxal movement,” Rajeev told IANS.

'Naxal' cast, crew undergone major rejig due to Covid19: Rajeev Khandewal

The actor added: “It has happened in history that we know that a movement starts with an intention and then some external elements with vested interest distract the aim of the movement. It also brings a bad name to the movement. I think the perspectives of both sides needs to come out. It should lead to a public debate because the subject of ‘Naxalbari’ is important.”


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Directed by Partho Mitra, the show also features Satyadeep Mishra, Tina Datta, Sreejita Dey, and Shakti Anand.

Amir, who plays a pivotal character named Keswani in the show, shared: ” I just want to have a long conversation with the writer who wrote the story. He has in-depth knowledge of the whole Naxal movement and the people involved. I have realised after getting an insiders’ view that nobody is wrong or right, it is a matter of perspective, really.”

The nine-episode series is all set to release on the OTT platform Zee5 on November 28.

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