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No scope for fear anymore, We need to be smart, healthy: Ali Fazal

No scope for fear anymore, We need to be smart, healthy: Ali Fazal Mumbai, July 24 (IANS) Ali Fazal recently returned to the studios for a dubbing session. Although the Covid pandemic still looms large, Ali feels there is no scope for fear anymore.

The actor was back at work for the upcoming second season of the web series, “Mirzapur”.

“I am rather happy about going to work. We cannot fall prey to fear or that’s the end of us as we know it. Nothing can come out of fear. We need to be smart, healthy, and simply cautious,” he said.

Working remotely all through the lockdown, the cast recently reunited in full strength for the dubbing session.

Interesting time for storytellers in world to come post Covid: Ali Fazal

Besides key members of the cast including Shweta Tripathi Sharma, the actors were also joined by people from the production team. The actors ensured that they practiced social distancing all through.

“We had dubbed a few episodes before the lockdown, so we picked up mid-way. It was great to be back because this has been an unusually long break. We shot for the show long back, so it took us some time getting back into the groove,” said Ali.

“The studios are on point about hygiene, so they allow one artiste at a time. So we walk into a pre-sanitised studio. The instructions are given on the other side. Dubbing is a system that was already an isolated job,” he added.

Source: IANS

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