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Our industry is full of egos, says Narayani Shastri

Our industry is full of egos, says Narayani ShastriMumbai, Mar 12 (IANS): Actress Narayani Shastri has been part of the television industry for over two decades now, and she says the journey has taught her a lot. The biggest thing she inculcated was the ability to never undervalue herself.

“I believe that if you know what your worth is, you should not go down. If you don’t value yourself then no one will. You are not a vegetable that people can negotiate. If I believe that this is the money I deserve, then I will ask for that much,” she told IANS.

The actress adds people need to be more understanding.

“Our industry is full of egos. If you tone down everyone’s ego, everyone will understand each other. I did that with all my shows. I never worked for peanuts or something that I did not deserve. That was one of my conditions. If I am not happy and I think I am not getting paid enough, I will not put in my all,” she says.

On her show, Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, Narayni says that she loves the mother-and-son relationship shown.

“The relationship between this mother and son is so special where she doesn’t believe that just because you have a small problem, your life should not change and depend on that. Her son is such a lovely boy, ideal son and their equation is beautiful,” she says.


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