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Papon has always been a fan of romantic songs

Papon has always been a fan of romantic songsMumbai, May 12 (IANS) Papon has always been a fan of love songs, and says that music can help express when one falls short of words.

“I have always personally been a fan of songs that talk about love. In real life, we may fall short on words to express our feelings and I think songs like these definitely help you to do it easily,” Papon said.

Papon, who has a cult following in Bollywood thanks to melodies like “Jiyein kyun”, “Kaun mera” and “Moh moh ke dhaage”, recently came out with “Teri photo” for the web show “Who”s your Daddy?”.

Talking about the song, he said: “It is a cute-romantic song that expresses love of this age, I was more than happy to lend my voice for a romantic song as such.”

The song has been composed and written by Zahaan Khan, Ashish Bhat, and is sung by Papon and Akriti Kakar.

Meanwhile, Papon also organised a special virtual three-day concert for the festival ”Bihu” last month.


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