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Rasika Dugal: Reusing clothes is part of my personality

Uncertainty of industry used to bother me: Rasika DugalMumbai, Oct 27 (IANS): Rasika Dugal is a rare celebrity who does not shy away from admitting that she reuses clothes.

“I don’t buy things that I can’t reuse often enough. I get attached to the comfort of the few things I have. So, reusing clothes is a part of my personality. That’s one side of sustainability that comes easily to me,” the actress said.

She thinks that it’s a great idea to wear the same thing in a different way.

“I encourage people to do that and be conscious of the products that they are buying,” said Rasika.

She recently graced the virtual Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020. The interesting dress code was a piece from the attendees’ wardrobe that is special to them.

As sustainability was the message of the event, Rasika wore an organza silk saree that has been in her family for 45 years.

Recalling memories of the saree, Rasika said: “This is a very special saree because it has been in my family for 45 years. It was gifted to my mother by my grandmother on her wedding day. I wanted to keep the tradition going, so I wore it on my wedding day, which was ten years ago. I am wearing it for the first time after that. I am so happy to have the opportunity to wear it again and to have it as part of my wardrobe along with the many memories that it comes with.”

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