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Sai Deodhar hopes to encourage sibling talk on periods with new short film

Sai Deodhar hopes to encourage sibling talk on periods with new short filmMumbai, Nov 11 (IANS) Actress-director Sai Deodhar has unveiled a new short film, and hopes it encourages siblings to discuss menstruation openly.

Sai’s latest directorial is titled “Blood Relations”, and it is aimed encouraging brothers to gift menstrual health, hygiene and dignity to their sisters.

The story of the film revolves around a young brother and sister duo dealing with Covid-19 crisis while their parents are quarantined, and the sister gets her first period.

Speaking about the concept, Sai said: “Period should only be used to end a sentence not a girl’s life. With the right balance of emotions, the short film brings to light that a brother’s role as his sister’s protector should not end at just shielding her from getting in trouble with their parents or the real life bad guys, but by also providing her with the basic necessities to live a healthy and dignified life.”

“We hope this film will enable siblings to talk freely about periods and break the stigma that surrounds it,” added Sai, who has also directed projects like “Fathers Day To you” and “D.A.T.E”.

Source: IANS

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