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Salim Diwan reveals – I have adopted 12 children

Salim Diwan reveals - I have adopted 12 childrenMumbai, Feb 3 (IANS): Actor Salim Diwan has revealed that he has adopted 12 children, and he looks after their education. He points out there is a stigma around adoption in our country.

“Adopting a child is very common abroad. There are plenty of international renowned names who have adopted children and even funded their education. In India, the thought is finally pacing up but it will still take a lot of time,” Salim said.

“I have always believed in the concept of ‘right to education’, children are our future and right education will not only help them prosper financially, it also makes them a better human being. As of now I have adopted and looked into the education of 12 lovely bright children,” he added.

Explaining his thoughts, he said: “There is a stigma around adoption that has been created by the people in our society so they either don’t do it or keep it in private. I never believed in talking about it but I feel with the changing phase and thoughts of the young souls of our nation, now is the time to speak up.”

“I will consider my work done even if my voice reaches out and inspires a few people. I would urge everyone to come out and openly accept these kids as they can live a life which they might have only dreamt off,” he added.

Salim, who made his debut with “Bollywood Diaries” in 2016, will next be seen with Raima Sen and Vinay Pathak in the film “Aliya Basu Gayab Hai”, set to release next month.

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