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Shilpa Shetty warns about the challenges of starting a new fitness routine

Shilpa Shetty warns about the challenges of starting a new fitness routineMumbai, July 7 (IANS) Shilpa Shetty has warned about the challenges one faces while starting a new fitness routine.

The actress took to Instagram on Tuesday and shared: “Starting a new fitness routine or taking up a new activity is going to be painful for the first two weeks. The muscles will be sore, the body will hurt, changes in your sleep and dietary routines will be difficult to adapt to… and then some more.”

Shilpa also reminded fans to not get demotivated by the challenges, as the hard work will eventually reap health benefits.

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“But trust me on this, it will be worth it! Every ache and pain that you endure in order to bring in some discipline into your life will pay off beautifully. It will help you stay fit and healthy, lose the excess fat, and lead a happier life. Endure the pain today, to see the gain tomorrow. Make this a mantra for life,” wrote the actress.

On Monday, Shilpa took to social media to announce that she has turned completely vegetarian.

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“Ahh! My ultimate dream, to grow my own, but for now… I have something to share. Since I”ve shared many milestones here, this is something… that”s a very personal choice, a hard decision for me; seemed impossible at one time, but it felt like a ”calling” of sorts. The shift happened gradually and NOW, I have accepted vegetarianism completely,” Shilpa announced on Instagram.


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