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Sushmita Sen’s mantra is to Prepare, learn, practice

alt=”Sushmita Sen found new meaning in motherhood with ‘Aarya'” width=”686″ height=”461″ />Mumbai, Oct 13 (IANS) Sushmita Sen has a few wise words on life for fans.

“Life is therefore, also the easiest exam.. all we gotta do is prepare.. learn… practice! The questions life throws us, are unique… so must be our answers! Cheating here means cheating our ‘Self’ of all that is authentic about each one of us! Life is an exam and you are the subject,” she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

Sushmita also urged everyone to be brave enough to try something original rather than copying others.

“Know yourself enough…be brave attempt an original…not ace a copy! This for me is the greatest difference between success ans failure! #sharing #corebeliefs #authenticpower. I love you guys,” she stated.

Earlier this year, Sushmita was seen in the web series, “Aarya”. The show marked Sushmita’s debut in digital space.

Source: IANS

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