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Today there is more fandom than stardom: Taha Shah Baddusha

Today there is more fandom than stardom: Taha Shah BaddushaMumbai, March 16 (IANS) Actor Taha Shah Baddusha, who made his OTT debut with the series “Bekaaboo 2”, says that today it doesn’t matter which medium you are a part of, good content will survive.

“A few decades ago, cinema was one of the biggest mediums of entertainment — still is — and that created the concept of stars, in Bollywood, Hollywood and other film industries. Today, in a day and age of the OTT and internet and social media, it’s more of fandom than stardom,” he says.

Taha adds that people will only like you if they enjoy watching your work.

“One might be a huge star on the big screen, but you might have lesser fandom than someone posting simple videos on a humble social media account, and vice versa. The answer is simple. People like you, if they like what content you are a part of, irrespective of the medium. Content is king, and that is what makes or breaks a star,” he told IANS.

There is a general perception that OTT is known for its bold and crass content, however, Taha says that while audiences have a right to not watch something, they must also realise that there is a lot more on OTT today.

“I would not call that being ‘judgy’. The audience is right to watch what they want and express how they feel about it. If they like it, they may appreciate it. If they are uncomfortable, they may criticise it. Let’s not forget that OTT is not only about bold content, there is every genre you can imagine from action, sci-fi, horror, comedy to drama. You search it and you have it. There is a huge section for animation and kids stuff too, which are some of the most-watched shows,” he says.

Source: IANS

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