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Vikram Bhatt: Competition on OTT is much more fierce

Vikram Bhatt: Competition on OTT is much more fierceMumbai, Oct 26 (IANS) Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, who will soon start shoot for his next web series, says the content and competition on the digital platform have become fiercer.

“I was probably the first one to start serious fiction on the net. ‘Maaya’ and ‘Twisted’ are in their fourth season now and that makes me really happy. However, in these years the OTT game has changed, and both content and competition are much more fierce,” he said.

He feels that showbiz is like a game of cricket.

“You need to get out there and play a scintillating knock every once in a while. Here is to another scintillating knock, knock on wood,” added the director.

He is back with a new thriller titled “Dirty Games”. The shoot for the web series starring Sandeepa Dhar and Omkar Kapoor will start on October 27 in Mumbai.

The story revolves around a psychiatrist who gets caught in the middle of a murder. Written and directed by Vikram Bhatt, and produced by his daughter Krishna Bhatt, the series also stars Khalid Siddiqui and Samay Thakkar.


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